1. Adaram

    We’re all here with you, Diana. Still praying for your mom, and now you as well. Please keep us posted and take care!

    Your Twitter friend,


  2. Tara

    I wrestled with the “whom do I love more” thing for a long time. I came to the conclusion that I can love more than one person best of all; the difference comes in how much time someone has been an immediate part of my life. Losing my Dad was crushing; losing Brian *right now* would also be crushing, but I also know that it wouldn’t be as “bad” as losing my Dad was simply because there was a period of time when I wasn’t with Brian. Dad was ALWAYS there. So, for me, it’s not a matter of whom I love more. Does that make sense?

  3. coral

    Dear Diana ,
    I’m praying for your mom and for your family , sending lots of light and love your way .
    I know exactly how you feel since I’m going through the same with my mom , and all the fears that you had are the same as mine …my mom is my everything and I wish I could save her too …

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