1. Kim

    Waiting for permission to get on the bed and ringing a bell to go outside *are* awesome. And it is very impressive that you trained him to do those things.

    We only have cats because we are both cat people, but I am the only (adult) dog person in the house. I’ve seen my husband around dogs enough to know that a dog would not be appreciated in our home the way our cats are. (This will, of course, get more complicated if our child wants a dog later.)

    I’m glad that you are recognizing some of the things that you need to truly feel at home and making them happen.

  2. hey, whenever I visit and notice Marx is getting matted I work on detangling him, not criticizing. (yes I know I’m not the one that was directed at…)

    Yay for new place. 🙂 will be sad having you so far away however.

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