1. What a precious pup. As someone who lives with a easily scared and sometime bitey dog, I would be so distraught if someone decided to put her down for something that’s not her fault. I hope your face heals and that the little guys gets into a good home (yours).

  2. I’m sorry for this. Sorry that he’s a scared lost dog who made a mistake and sorry that you got caught in the face. Yesterday, I found a neighbor’s pup running loose. I’ve caught her straying before and returned her to her yard, but this time when I reached to put my dog’s leash over her head — thinking nothing of it — she snapped at me. Just brushed my hand but I jerked back and she took off. I’ve been kicking myself for not handling her better. So I know exactly how you feel. Without the stitches. Ouch. I hope you heal up well. And I hope if my dog were ever to get lost that a loving soul like you would find her.

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