Creature Academy: Whodunnit Mystery

I wrote a kidnapping mystery for Kabam’s release of Creature Academy in November 2014–and had a blast doing it. Check out the overview and the video clues below.


No one walks the halls of  Eloi Academy alone these days. Not if they know what’s good for ‘em. You’d think a school for monster tamers would be safe. You’d think kidnapping one of the best monster tamers of them all would be impossible, but you’d be dead wrong.

Pike’s his name. Trained half the rookies that call themselves Creature Tamers these days. Never been taken in a fair fight. Which means whoever got him–was someone he trusted.

The ransom note says if the kidnapper doesn’t get what they want, then Pike’s done for. The Academy will pay a bounty to anyone who solves the mystery on 11/20/2014, when the ransom comes due.




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