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 A great writer capable of adapting her style to any setting, from press releases to game lore to marketing copy.

Joe Blancato, Marketing, Cryptic Studios


Game Writing

If you’re looking for an experienced, easy to work with game writer, you’ve found one.

I’ve worked in multiple game genres doing everything from initial concepting to coaching VO for the final product. A few things I love to do:

  • Narrative Design
  • World Building
  • Lore Keeping
  • Dialog
  • Game Fiction
  • Story Documentation



If you’ve ever needed to localize a game, you know how challenging it can be. Half the time you can’t even make sense of the translations you’re given, and somehow you need to not only make it comprehensible but fun! It’s a tall order. I’m the person you go to then. I look at the rough translation, and figure out that something like:

The thing was the innovative thing to change his paradigm.

Really means:

This invention could completely change the world.

It’s fun: like putting together the pieces of a puzzle.



Copywriting isn’t about print ads and mailers anymore. It’s about blogging, tweeting, email lists, and more. It’s about standing out in all the noise that’s already bombarding every member of your audience whenever they go online.

You need to get through to an audience immune to flashy things, that automatically deletes promotional emails and blocks ads.

You need to hold their attention.

I can help you do that.


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  1. Hey Diana,
    Sara Borthwick introduced us to each other earlier this year! I am NO LONGER at GameRecruiter…on my own now;)

    I have a client (my BEST client) eager to hire a copywriter…..based anywhere who is deadline oriented. Are you around to catch up Monday? What times are good for you and what’s the best number to reach you on?


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