“Diana came on as a contract Narrative Designer on The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. She very quickly adapted to the team and the project and helped us write, polish, and ship a huge amount of narrative content for the game. She’s talented, is a great member of the team, and is all around awesome.”

Erik J. Caponi, Narrative Director, 2K Marin


“Diana has proven herself to be a versatile, capable, level-headed writer who moonlights as a delightful person. In publishing, games marketing, PR and community, these qualities are critical. As a part of my Marcom group, I relied upon Diana to create solid technical copy, press releases, game fiction, dialog and more. Perhaps just as important for a writer, Diana can take edits, revisions and sweeping cuts with professional grace.”

Ivan Sulic, Marketing, Cryptic Studios


“I worked with Diana for just under two years while I was at Cryptic Studios. She’s a great writer capable of adapting her style to any setting, from press releases to game lore to marketing copy. Also a master of fast turnarounds and on-point editing. (She’d be the first person to point out that my previous sentence was in fact a sentence fragment.) If you’re looking for a mistress of words, you’ve found her.”

Joe Blancato, Marketing, Cryptic Studios


“Diana is an amazingly talented writer with an extremely creative mind. She takes collaborative direction well and is a pleasure to work with both in terms of game and web writing. She’s also a considerate and generous person who would be an asset to any company that hired her.”

Bill Roper, Chief Creative Officer, Cryptic Studios