Champions Online

Spandex in the City

I had a blast writing a superhero gossip column from the POV of Sapphire, one of the main Champions superheroes. Some of the columns were one-offs, some were part of a larger storyline that tied in with the game storyline itself. Here are a few of them:

You Can Never Go Home Again…

Fighting Crime is a Dirty Business


The Ironclad Saga

Origin story of the alien superhero, Ironclad. I really loved writing this, and I just wish I’d gotten a chance to finish it. The project got tabled due to STO’s launch.

Part 1: Drogen

Part 2: Servant to the Empire

Part 3: Exile

Part 4: Fugitive

Part 5: Sacrifice

Part 6: Stranger

Part 7: A Choice of Paths

The Golden Lady of the Arena

The Challenge

The Games Begin

The Battle