1. And, unsurprisingly, that was a brilliant bit of writing you just posted. Your loved ones don’t need to die for you to bleed on the page, but the thing is, as you know logically, the longer you live, the more of them do die. I know you’ve seen more than your fair share.

    I remember reading an article about centenarians. The person who wrote it, who interviewed a number of them, said they were a pretty disparate bunch. Some were health nuts. Some were lifelong smokers. Some exercised, still jogging miles every day at age 100, and some were totally sedentary. But they had one thing in common: they had, each of them, learned how to cope with loss. The older I get, the more obvious this stark fact becomes.

    Nothing will bring Jay or anyone else back, and those of us who remain will grieve in our own ways. But for what it’s worth, for whatever small comfort it brings, know that quite a number of us still here on Earth care about you very, very much.

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