The Plan

Because when the zombies attack, I want to survive.

I’m not saying the Zombie Apocalypse is happening in six months (I’m also not saying it’s not, because, really, who can predict zombies?). But I plan to be ready — within six months.

Which means learning the skills necessary to survive. Marksmanship? Absolutely. Cardio? Also a given. Learning how to forage supper from the land without accidentally getting gakked from eating lily of the valley? Probably.

The idea is to become bad-ass enough to survive the undead masses, fast enough to outrun the fast zombies, and agile enough to climb a tree (because zombies can’t climb – this is a universal truth).

Is it doable? I’d like to think so. You’re all invited to join me. Or cheer me on. Or laugh hysterically when I fall out of a tree and try to convince my boyfriend that we really need to raise chickens.

Tell me, what skills do you think are essential to surviving the Zombie Apocalypse?