Puppy love

I desperately want a dog.

J is not so sure about this.

In fact, J is sure he *doesn’t* want a dog. But he realizes that being with me may mean he has to have a dog. So we began talking about it last night. I brought it up (of course). I asked what things would have to happen or change within the next six months in order for him to be comfortable with me getting a dog. He’s not very good at articulating it; all he can really say is what he doesn’t want, which isn’t the same thing. But I’ve got him thinking along the right lines, I hope.

I pointed out that he could use it as incentive to get me cleaning more. My messiness drives him batshit, and we’ve been working on it since before we moved in together. “However,” I said, “if you do use it that way, that means we really do have to get a dog.”

“I know,” he said. “No bait and switch.”

And I’ve been looking up dog breeds. And today I looked up the local shelters. And I have, of course, already fallen in love with half a dozen puppies. None of which we’ll get. But this guy, this guy is the one I keep coming back to:

Isn’t he lovely? He’s at a shelter in San Jose.

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  1. What an adorable puppy!

    I like your pro-active approach of asking what needs to change in a certain time frame. Seems like it would help foster communication.

    1. I know! German shepherd/retriever mix.

      I expect J will come up with some concrete things he wants, and if they happen, he’ll be okay with a dog. I just want it to happen now!

  2. Cute puppy. Of course, puppies are just generally cute. It’s what they do.

    I still advocate for a retired greyhound. They’re clean, low shedding, low-maintenance, lazy, sleepy friendly dogs.

      1. We had a Samoyed when I was little. Same general idea, dog-wise. I used to dump the cheerios on the floro and the dog and I would eat them together. Good times.

  3. don’t forget older dogs, too! They can be calmer and require less training than puppies (assuming you get one that already has good manners – and there are a lot out of those there!). But there’s no denying the sweetness and cuteness and past-trauma-free-ness of puppies. In any case, when you meet the right one, regardless of age or breed – you’ll know. 🙂 I love my Teddy, I got him from the San Jose Animal Care Center (the regular San Jose pound). good luck! 🙂

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