Welcome to my home on the web. Either you know me, you’re related to me, you have the same name as I do, you’ve read something I’ve written, you’re looking to hire me for freelance work, or you’re a gamer. Or maybe all of the above, but that would be very strange.

Some day there may be more here. For now, you can find my professional information and my blogging projects linked in the sidebar. You can find my list of publications on the Publications page (shocking, I know).

The Plan

Because when the zombies attack, I want to survive.

I’m not saying the Zombie Apocalypse is happening in six months (I’m also not saying it’s not, because, really, who can predict zombies?). But I plan to be ready — within six months.

Which means learning the skills necessary to survive. Marksmanship? Absolutely. Cardio? Also a given. Learning how to forage supper from the land without accidentally getting gakked from eating lily of the valley? Probably.

The idea is to become bad-ass enough to survive the undead masses, fast enough to outrun the fast zombies, and agile enough to climb a tree (because zombies can’t climb – this is a universal truth).

Is it doable? I’d like to think so. You’re all invited to join me. Or cheer me on. Or laugh hysterically when I fall out of a tree and try to convince my boyfriend that we really need to raise chickens.

Tell me, what skills do you think are essential to surviving the Zombie Apocalypse?