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They Say L.A. is a City Where Not Everything is as it Seems…

From Gonzo Fun to Blood Curdling Suspense, OnLive Has Four Free Games for You This Halloweekend and One Surprise Addition coming on Halloween

Making Story With Nemesis

Putting the Fitbit to Bed: Sleep Tracking

Press Releases

OnLive Celebrates Halloween Weekend in Style

For Champions Online, The Blood Moon Rises October 27

Champions Online Nemesis Confrontation Begins

Atari and Cryptic Studios Announce Neverwinter


Marketing Copy

Champions Revelation Info Page

The Serpent Lantern Info Page

Champions Demonflame Info Page


Champions & Star Trek Videos

In addition to writing them, I also got to do the VO for two of the videos below, playing the superhero, Black Mask.

Champions: Revelation Trailer

Therakiel’s Lair

Nemesis Confrontation

Tips & Tricks: Star Trek Kits

Tips & Tricks: Dabo!

Tips & Tricks: Flanking

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