• Experienced game writer, Science Fiction & Fantasy author
  • Experienced game localization writer/editor
  • Award winning playwright


Game Lore Dialog Game Fiction
Story Design Branching Storylines World Building
Editing Copywriting Social Media Content

Major Projects

2K Marin, Game Developer, 2012–current

Narrative Designer on The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

  • Member of XCOM narrative team
  • Helped adapt existing assets to changed story direction
  • Revised and created new dialog trees to reflect tone and story changes
  • Worked closely with level design to flesh out the world and tighten pacing
  • Wrote majority of in-game text: narrative notes, archive entries, item descriptions, dispatch missions, dynamic mission results, and perks
  • Tested and provided feedback that drove feature development on in-house proprietary software
Rumble Games, Social Gaming Developer, 2012

Narrative Designer on KingsRoad

  • Story development and quest progression on KingsRoad
  • Created lore as part of world building
  • Wrote in-game dialog
  • Incorporated pre-existing assets into the revised story
Cryptic Studios, MMORPG Developer, 2008–2011

Writer/Designer on Neverwinter Online

  • Main writer, oversaw all in-game text to maintain a coherent style
  • Integral part of developing storyline and mission flow (in conjunction with lead developer)
  • Created characters and events that have been incorporated int D&D canon
  • Planned, wrote, and implemented lore and dialog in game using the Cryptic game engine

Writer/Designer on Champions Online

  • Wrote dialog and lore under the guidance of lead game writer, John Layman
  • Proofed dialog and lore to maintain content standards
  • Developed and wrote Champions Universe fiction for the website and twitter, which became popular with the online community and was later incorporated into the official Hero Games pen and paper product
  • Wrote instructional and promotional video scripts
  • Provided voice overs for promotional videos (I’m the voice of Black Mask!)

Writer/Designer on Star Trek Online

  • Developed and wrote official fiction series expanding upon Star Trek IP (Path to 2409) which increased repeat traffic and frequently resulted in links from fan and media websites
  • Wrote promotional and instructional video scripts for Star Trek Online, which increased player base and community involvement
  • Provided voice overs for promotional and instructional video scripts


Chang You, MMORPG Developer & Publisher, 2012

Localization Writer

  • Wrote backstory for forthcoming MMO, based on localized texts
OnLive, Cloud Gaming Distributor, 2011

Social Media Content Writer

  • Wrote blog entries, marketing copy, social media content, and press releases promoting both the Game Service and individual games
  • Specialized in quick turnaround times, often completing last minute projects within short spans of time
Aeria Games & Entertainment, MMO Publisher, 2011

Game Localization Editor

  • Edited and rewrote dialog on Lime Odyssey, a Korean MMO soon to be released in North America


University of Southern California, 2003

Master of Fine Arts, Fiction Writing

University of Southern California, 2002

Master of Fine Arts, Playwriting

  • Winner of Jerome Lawrence Playwriting fellowship
Scripps College, 2000

Bachelor of Arts, English Literature




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