1. I’m so sorry, Diana; I’m sure your grandmother didnt expect that. I just got a dog, and was thinking about re-writing my will so that money would go expressly for her care if something happens to me.

    (I”ll boost the signal, I’m in SF too, but have friends in FL!)

  2. Melyni Worth

    I have shared your story on Facebook, I hope someone steps up. Also try contacting Dachshund rescue, they will help you esp with the Doxie, and probably both if you tell they are a bonded pair.

    Good luck, I hope you find them a loving home.

  3. I’d love to take care of the pups, but we have 3 rescued dogs and 3 cats as it is. Bringing two more might start WWIII. 😛 Boosting the signal as I type this!

  4. redslime

    Well you story is going far and wide, you should out this guy. Someone in the congregation will take them.

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